Toukokuu 2024: Shakes and Vibrates, Exhibition at Moletti Gallery, Forssa

Huhtikuu 2024: BLAST, Exhibition at Tyko Gallery, Nurmes

Oct- Dec 2022: Kids Creative Saturdays - series of workshops at the artist's studio in Espoo 

September 2022:  Artist of the month at Aarni Gallery, Espoo

August 2021: Cultural celebrations of Turku, Dance and Paint performance , Turku Finland

March 2021: Style Soothing Tempo, exhibition at Kääntöpaikka Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

January 2021: Synteesi-Synthesis, exhibition and workshops at Viherkäine Garden Centre, Rauma, Finland

September 2020: Mikkeli Art and Design Weekend, Dance and Paint performance and workshop, Mikkeli, Finland

January 2020: The Department of Teacher Education, Turku University, Dance and Paint workshop for students, Rauma, Finland

February 2019: Dance and Draw performance / community event , Victoria Square Project, Athens, Greece

July 2018: Texture Not Text, exhibition at Leppävaara Library, Espoo, Finland

April 2011: The Georgie Project, exhibition at Griffin Gallery, London, UK

September 2010: Turf Reign, exhibition at Sim Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland, Iceland

November 2009: Flexible Aura, exhibition at Brain Factory, Seoul, South Korea

July 2009: Degree Show, Goldsmiths College, London, UK

January 2008: Gold and Delicious, exhibition at The Apple Tree, London

June 2007: Uni Kaukoputkesta ja Hevosesta, exhibition at Lönnström Art Museum, Rauma, Finland

January 2006: Kitaralaukuissakin Leopardivuori, exhibition at Jangva Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

January 2005: Kirjaillut Seikkailut, exhibition at National Museum for Handcrafts, Jyväskylä, Finland

June 2004: Nihilism Part II - The Exciting Adventures of Young People, exhibition at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London, UK

November 2003: 12 Days, exhibition at Forum Box, Helsinki, Finland

June 2003: Ääriviivoja, exhibition at Jangva Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

October 1999: Little Black Dress of the Future, fashion show at Victoria & Albert Museum, London, UK


2018 Helsinki Open University, Art Therapy (15 study points)

2007-2009 Goldsmiths College, London, UK, MFA

1998-2001 Central Saint Martins, London, UK, BA(Hons), Fashion Design Womens Wear

1997-1998 Kent Institute of Art and Design, Rochester, UK, Fashion Design

1994-1997 Kaitaa Art College, A-levels, Espoo


Finnish Painters' Union

Trade Union for Art and Culture Professionals

Espoo Visual Artists

The Artist Register

Grants and Commissions:

2022 Espoo Cultural Fund, working grant

2022 Taike, working grant

2021 Turku 2029 Foundation, working grant

2020 Finnish Cultural Foundation/Satakunta Foundation, working grant + for an exhibition

2018 Espoo Cultural Fund, for an exhibition

2017 Commission by the Church of Espoo for the anniversary of Luther

2010 UnLtd Foundation, working grant

2009 It's Your Community award, working grant

2003 Finnish Cultural Foundation (SKR), for an exhibition