Rauha Hartt is visual- and community artist living in Espoo, Finland. In her practice she combines dance and painting.

She graduated with MFA from Goldsmiths College, London in 2009. Long before her graduation and especially after it Rauha has been creating different art projects with very different specks: an international exhibition in a garden centre, short films with a team, photoshoots in studios and outdoors, communal flower shop and numerous artworks created through dance. She's got plenty of experience from different kinds of jobs which require creativity. Among other things she has also conducted workshops for kids and co-ordinated art show openings.

Rauha Hartt has developed a method called Dance n'Paint in which dance like movements are combined with painting abstract imagery. As a starting point in the method is music, which opens up  movement which in itself leads to visual expression onto paper. She uses this method in her own practice in the studio and conducts Dance n'Paint workshops for groups and individuals.