I am a community artist Rauha Hartt. I have a Masters degree in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, UCL, London. Way before acquiring my degree and ever since, I have made art using a multiplicity of methods and mediums. I have worked alone in the studio with paintings, collages and textile work, I have made short films in teams, organised photo shoots in studios and outdoors and built a community flower shop, to name a few things... During the years I have gained a lot of experience in jobs which require creativity, whether they've been art workshops for children or co-coordinating an opening of a large scale art show, not to mention the hours and hours laboured with my personal art projects. Recently I have also started to device and structure a method which I've named "Dance n'Paint". This practice combines the two loves that I have - dancing and painting - into a fun, celebratory sessions. Here the participants are invited to loosen up through movement to create expressive paintings and energise themselves with the flow that is created from free association that stems from music. As a starting point there is music, which opens an avenue for dance which leads to visual expression on canvas, and then the cycle repeats and organically ebbs and flows between dancing and painting. I personally use this method in the studio on most of my painting work and I also conduct workshops for groups and individuals.