Rauha Hartt has created a method which combines dancing and painting called Dance n'Paint. She uses this method at workshops and in her own studio practice.

At the workshops Rauha guides participants to find their own movement and visual expression. Music inspires to move and movement is mirrored into painting. The goal is not to create masterpieces but to experience the connections between the body, movement, colours and shapes. To play with them and have fun. To forget thinking and focus on the body. In the workshops participants have often experienced the sense of freedom and feeling of joy: I have a body which can do amazing things! Some have described the feeling even a magical one or spiritual. Rauha conducts workshops for groups and individuals, children and grownups.

Dance n'Paint challenges the dusty old notion that art can only derive from a place of suffering. To create doesn't need to be drama and tragedy but it can spring up from a clean well. No blood and tears but sweat and droplets of joy.